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ACTIVE Anglo Chinese Communications is a business and PR consultancy working specifically within the space of the UK-China business community in both countries.

Our strength lies in our in-depth understanding of the Chinese and British business practices, their respective approach and mindsets. Be it setting up a forum, finding a business connection, staging an art exhibition or devising a suitable PR strategy, ACTIVE makes things happen!

Please call on 0208 372 7269 or email to discuss how we can help!

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Li Feng, Founder, F&Y Construction (London Business Matters)

Our recent facilitating project: procuring photography licensing from major museums and institutions:

Hot topics on China

Our in-depth knowledge of Anglo-Chinese business means that we are frequently asked for thought-pieces for various business sites including ‘London Business Matters’. A selection of our articles can be found below. They cover a range of topics from social media marketing in China, through to ‘Guanxi’. If any of the issues raised in these articles strike a chord with you, please contact us on 0208 372 7269 to discuss how we can help. We’d love to hear from you.

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