Yintong Betser

Yintong Betser, Managing Director

Yintong founded ACTIVE Anglo Chinese Communications, a business and PR/marketing consultancy specialising in business between the two countries since 2001. This has enabled her to capitalise on her varied experience and draw upon her deep understanding of both Western and Chinese cultures, and to benefit her clients most effectively.

Yintong is a regular contributor to the London Chamber of Commerce & Industry publication, London Business Matters, writing a column on themes and issues relating to China. She was also nominated as an ambassador for the Chamber.

Based on first-hand experiences and knowledge, Yintong led an editing team to write and publish ‘UK Guide for Chinese Students’ in 2011 as well as a set of business handbooks: Active Business Travel – Great Britain (in Chinese) and Active Business Travel – China (in English). These business guides have since been republished as a result of a successful collaboration with London Chamber of Commerce & Industry and China Telecom Europe in 2012. The books are endorsed by the then Trade Minister Lord Stephen Green and have received extensive press coverage including China Daily, Xinhua News, Singtao News and Propeller TV.

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Lynda Heath

Lynda Heath, PR Director

A committed public relations professional, Lynda has around 25 years’ experience in the PR and marketing communications arena. Her expertise straddles business-to-business and consumer clients across many sectors including the arts, automotive, lifestyle, property, education and travel & tourism. She is responsible for strategy development and direction across all clients and has directed global, pan-European and UK-wide communications programmes for organisations such as BASF, Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP), Euro Car Parts, Huntsman Polyurethanes, Mirka and many others. Her experience spans internal as well as external communications and she has social media and digital expertise.

She was an elite steward at the London Marathon for many years and was a volunteer at the London 2012 Olympics. Lynda has sat on numerous committees including the Association of International Property Professionals’ (AIPP) disciplinary panel, the Publicity Club of London annual Summer Ball, and PUPS (Press & United Publicity Society), automotive charity in aid of Chailey Heritage School for children with cerebral palsy.

Grace Zhao

Grace Zhao, Training Director

Grace Zhao leads our training programmes. Grace is tri-lingual in Mandarin, Cantonese and English, originally from Guangzhou. Her family immigrated to New Zealand when she was a teenager. She now lives in London.

Grace is an experienced trainer in Mandarin learning and worked as the marketing manager at the government organisation UKTI and Carbon Trust, where she managed a number of their high profile international and China projects. Her views on doing business with China are published on industry sites such as the Nee Hao Magazine and Eye For Pharma.

Richard Song

Richard Song, Chief Executive, China Office

Richard is a valued member of the ACTIVE management team, running our business in Beijing, China. He has worked for the last 10 years in the travel and PR industries, where he is a widely known figure. His in-depth knowledge about the UK is second to none and ACTIVE has been benefiting from his extensive connections and wealth of knowledge in the business field.

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