ACTIVE Anglo Chinese Communications is a business and PR consultancy working specifically within the space of the UK-China business community in both countries. Our strength lies in our in-depth understanding of the Chinese and British business practices, their respective approach and mindsets. Be it setting up a forum, finding a business connection, staging an art exhibition or devising a suitable PR strategy, ACTIVE makes things happen! Please call on 0208 372 7269 or email to discuss how we can help!

Why do our clients trust us?

Cao Jian

You and your colleagues’ creativity in designing and marketing Anglo Chinese cross cultural events to foster greater links and build relationships between the two countries have been thoroughly expressed in the exhibition’s organisation. Your effective efforts in bringing influencers and people from the arts and potential collectors from the business world together and to articulate the vision of the artist and his work to a wider group of interested individuals are for all to see.

Jonathan Ross

When working on international projects you need a partner that you can trust to deliver results and meet a deadline. Active provides quality of service, professionalism and affordability in the challenging business environment of China.

Anna Campopiano

Your hard work helped to make the event happen and to be successful – thank you so very much for all your ideas, help and effort: it is very much appreciated.

Ron Williams

My experience of working with Active is very positive. Initial market research was carried out successfully in our specialist sector. This was followed by visits accompanied by Yintong who made the arrangements, set up the meetings and acted as interpreter and co-negotiator. As a result of our co-operation we have a clear understanding of the market we serve in China and strong sales. The importance of being able to work with a company in whom you can place absolute trust cannot be overstated. China is very different and simply cannot be accessed alone and Active continues to provide Blayson with excellent close support.

Barbara Wang

Working with Yintong Betser has been a pleasure. I respect her professional approach in all matters. Her innovative ideas are not only plausible on paper, but also deliverable and popular with the target audience. Her contribution to our executive programmes was much appreciated by all concerned.

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