ACTIVE Anglo Chinese Communications is a business and PR consultancy working specifically within the space of the UK-China business community in both countries. Our strength lies in our in-depth understanding of the Chinese and British business practices, their respective approach and mindsets. Be it setting up a forum, finding a business connection, staging an art exhibition or devising a suitable PR strategy, ACTIVE makes things happen! Please call on 0208 372 7269 or email to discuss how we can help!

Why do our clients trust us?

Cao Jian

You and your colleagues’ creativity in designing and marketing Anglo Chinese cross cultural events to foster greater links and build relationships between the two countries have been thoroughly expressed in the exhibition’s organisation. Your effective efforts in bringing influencers and people from the arts and potential collectors from the business world together and to articulate the vision of the artist and his work to a wider group of interested individuals are for all to see.

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