We have been working with various British companies to establish connections and build trust with their Chinese counterparts for the last 15 years.
  • Have you got communication issues with China?
  • Do you have an existing project in China, but need support?
  • Do you need someone here in the UK to give you advice on business and cultural issues on an ongoing basis?
  • Do you need someone to visit China with you, planning your trip, making the necessary arrangements?
  • Do you need to attend exhibitions, but need someone local to support you in China?
  • Are you planning to set up business operations in China and need support in HR, accountancy or law firms?
  • Do you need to understand the Chinese business environment in your industry sector better and get involved in the local network?
  • Do you need to identify a suitable business partner in China?
  • Are you stuck on certain business issues, and need someone to help troubleshoot your problems?
It’s easy to work with us:
  • We understand you, whether you are British or Chinese, and aim to accommodate your full requirements.
  • We are flexible with time differences, offering constant 24/7 support when necessary.
  • Professional services are available both in the UK and China through our extensive network.
  • We don’t need office space.
  • We are Chinese, but speak both languages and understand the Anglo/Chinese mentality.
  • We have many years of hands-on corporate experience in UK/China business relations, we can handle situations appropriately and subtly.
If your answer is yes to any of the above, or would like to discuss with us on specific issues, we look forward to hearing from you via info@activeukchina.com or telephone 0208 372 7269.
  • Case Study: Business facilitation

    London Chamber of Commerce - Marketing through Business Handbooks


    A British certification company had been negotiating with a Chinese company for three years on a Joint Venture partnership, but hadn’t been successful. This was vexing for both parties as the deal would have the potential to be hugely mutually beneficial.

    Client brief

    The client’s brief to ACTIVE Anglo Chinese Communications was to re-activate the contract (which had been inactive for two years), find out where the problem was, find a way of resolving it and then move the project forward.

    Our approach

    We listened very carefully to our client about the issues that the British company had had so far, studied the draft contract and correspondence, and had in-depth conversations with all staff members on the subject. We then initiated a visit to the Chinese company in China where we replicated our approach with the management team there.
    During our visit, we explored both companies’ points of view. There had been a few misunderstandings between the two parties, but they had never really communicated with each other; bouncing emails from one to the other, often in broken English didn’t work well.
    Our solution was to establish clear lines of communication and to agree new protocols, creating a new start for the business relationship.


    After our intervention, the contract was signed within a year and the Joint Venture went from strength to strength. The British company increased their profile in the global market and the venture generated a sound profits.
    Due to its excellent communication support, ACTIVE was offered a long-term retainer to continue its involvement to facilitate the subsequent board meetings, trouble-shooting and other related business facilitation.