Fuhai Culture Development Ltd is an organisation engaged in art and culture from Beijing, China.

Its centre ‘Wenbo Yuan Park’ received an investment of 60 million yuan (approx. £6.3m), gathering rich cultural and intellectual projects to create a truly inspiring artistic complex, which includes a Photographic Art Museum, an Ancient Ceramics Museum, a Painting Art Museum and a Cultural Art Centre.

Along with the facilities offering cultural exchange, the park provides opportunities for research and education. The museum was the first official partner in China in 2003 of the US-based National Geographic Society and organised a large-scale photo exhibition of “Retracing Marco Polo’s China Tour” with the best photos selected from the past 100 years of National Geographic Magazine.

It organised and held the “Forbidden City International Photo Exhibition” in 2004. More than 40 highly respected worldwide photographers gathered in Beijing and displayed their art works at the exhibition. In 2008, it worked with the Beijing Olympic Organisation Media Production Centre, the USA House and other international media organisations to project exhibitions and display their images during the Beijing Olympics.

The exhibition is sponsored by:

Zen Elegance

Zen Elegance Jewellery, China

The exhibition is presented by:

Beijing Fuhai Culture Development

Fuhai Culture Development Ltd, Beijing China.
Which aims to create an international art exchange platform and spread advanced culture around the world.

The exhibition is organised by:

ACTIVE Anglo Chinese Communications

ACTIVE Anglo Chinese Communications, London UK