The Artist

Mr Qin Yuhai was born in 1953 in Tailai County, Heilongjiang Province and he is an honorary chairman of the Photographers’ Association of Henan Province. Qin has won many awards for his works including the most recent accolade at the China Pingyao International Photography festival for his water collection, which exhibited at the National Art Museum of China.

While for many of us water is mainly perceived in terms of a daily routine, Qin Yuhai has grasped the very essence of its spirit. For him, water is nothing less than a natural marvel to which he tries to express his gratitude through his works. In return, the water awards him with harmony and tranquillity every time he directs his camera on it.

Apart from being mesmerising in aesthetical terms, Qin’s works offer viewers more than just a presentation of the water as it is. In the artist’s words, they “may inspire us to ponder the infinity of the universe, the constant changes in the world and the life and feelings of the human race.”

According to Qin, his process of photographing is aligned to the exploration and understanding of water. It is this cognition that the author seeks to enable more people to access water through his works. Qin’s contribution to the artistic world through his talent has also contributed to the prosperity of his local region and the people who live there by turning it into an attractive tourist destination. As his artistic works were taken in the stunning scenic area of Mount Yuntai (part of Henan Province), more and more people are visiting the region with a desire to learn more about the area that has been Qin’s major inspiration.

Qin Yuhai