Training courses: business communication and awareness

At ACTIVE we work with a wide variety of clients from a range of fields and sectors. What unites them is their desire to establish and cultivate fruitful relationships with Chinese businesses.

For example, the team at ACTIVE were briefed by a large property company to deliver training that would empower their customer-facing staff to engage effectively with Chinese speaking clients from Mainland China, Singapore and Hong Kong about high-end properties. This engagement would reinforce the company’s focus on excellent customer service.

The format we chose for the training was a practical workshop which highlighted the different mind-sets of people from individual regions and the historical reasons behind them, before exploring the commonalities. Prior to initiating the training, we developed a thorough understanding of the demands and challenges of the property sector so we were able to tailor the workshop to the attendees’ business needs.

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  • Case Study: Delivering Training

    One of Active’s business clients was delivering a week-long training programme to help Chinese businesspeople gain an understanding of London as a financial centre.

    This aspect of the training was to be delivered at the end of a particularly intensive programme. In our experience, energy levels and concentration can be depleted by the end of training of this nature. To combat this, the Active team took a radical approach to the delivery of our workshops. We took the delegates out of the classroom and onto the streets of London where they could gain a genuine feel for London’s financial community.

    We started the training with a short briefing from London Chamber of Commerce’s Chief Executive then guided the delegates through London’s vibrant city, showing them the exciting landmarks of London’s financial heritage, and finally a highly sought-after experience at the London Metal Exchange, the only live trading centre left in Europe.

    The programme was very successful and really brought to life the financial aspects of the course. The delegates were thrilled with their experience, as were the organisers; so much so that it has become a regular theme in their training calendar.

  • Case study: Professional speaking

    ACTIVE’s Managing Director, Yintong Betser is an accomplished speaker and presenter on a range of business and marketing topics relating to China.

    Client brief

    International advertising agency, McCann-Erickson sought the services of ACTIVE to deliver a presentation to their prospects on doing business with China.

    Our approach

    ACTIVE developed and presented an engaging and informative presentation which touched on the key aspects of doing business with China. The presentation covered topics as diverse as business etiquette and international marketing and was delivered with passion for the topic gleaned from over twenty years of personal experience.

    The presentation also included a feature on the perils of advertising in China without appropriate marketing advice and support.


    The attendees loved the presentation and complimented Yintong on the presentation style and content, in particular, its relevance to their sector. The event also stimulated an ongoing working partnership between Yintong Betser and the organisers that has spanned over a decade.

  • Case study: Business seminars

    As doing business with China is a growth opportunity for many British businesses, the London Chamber of Commerce enlisted the team at ACTIVE Anglo Chinese Communications to deliver a series of enterprise seminars.

    Client brief

    To organise a series of seminars for members of the London Chamber of Commerce to help them improve their knowledge to enable them to do business effectively with China.

    Our approach

    Working in close partnership with London Chamber of Commerce’s international department, we used our in-depth knowledge of Anglo-Chinese business to devise and manage a series of three seminars throughout the year. We selected topics that were particularly pertinent to those organisations who wished to do business with China, and sourced a panel of an industry experts for each one. The topics we selected were ‘Communication’, ‘Intellectual property rights’, and the most popular topic, ‘How to ensure you get paid’.

    To ensure that the workshops delivered sound, practical advice, we also selected a suitably qualified practitioner for each seminar to provide in-depth information and case studies based on their first-hand experience.


    The seminars were extremely well attended, attracting between 20 and 30 paying guests to each event. Not only did this generate income for London’s Chamber of Commerce, but it also helped them to establish links with a new audience, and boost the prospects of fruitful Anglo-Chinese relationships for UK businesses.