Event organisation:

We organise events. From planning effective business visits, devising training courses to staging cultural and art exhibitions, we work closely with clients to provide one stop services: proposing a suitable event strategy to meet clients’ objectives, researching for desirable venues, inviting suitable speakers, securing relevant attendees, managing the occasion and post-event follow ups.

PR and marketing services:

Our very experienced and versatile PR team comprises British and Chinese consultants with a proven track record and strong reputation for delivering effective strategic advice and results-led campaign implementation. Their expertise spans many full-service PR disciplines including: liaison with the British and Chinese media to secure news and features; social media and digital communications content and campaign generation; design of marketing communications materials, copywriting and editing; crisis/issues management.

  • Case Study: China Britain Culture and Art Festival at the British Museum

    China Britain Culture and Art Festival at the British Museum, London - 27th November 2018

    China Britain Culture and Art Festival at the British Museum, London - 27th November 2018
    China Britain Culture and Art Festival at the British Museum, London - 27th November 2018
    China Britain Culture and Art Festival at the British Museum, London - 27th November 2018
  • Case Study: Exhibitions

    Ebb and Flow was an exhibition by Chinese art photographer, Qin Yuhai held at the Saatchi Gallery in London in June 2014.

    Client brief

    To organise a photographic art exhibition for the contemporary Chinese artist, Qin Yuhai in the UK, introducing the artist – and the window into Chinese culture that his art represents – to the Western world. As the event was sponsored by the Fuhai Culture Centre, the brief was also to increase the profile of the centre, and establish a network of contacts that could be used for future activities.

    Our approach

    ACTIVE Anglo Chinese Communications seamlessly managed this high profile event from planning stage to completion.

    We identified and profiled nine potential venues for the client’s consideration, subsequently managing to secure the client’s favoured choice – the Saatchi Gallery. Through our network, we also managed to engage a reputable curator to provide expertise and connections in the photography world and secured former Deputy Prime Minister Lord Heseltine to open the exhibition.

    Our unique cross-cultural marketing approach enabled us to secure extensive online and offline coverage for the event, including a live interview with BBC World News, coverage in the Telegraph and features in a range of vertical titles including photography and high end magazines.

    We maintained a consistent Anglo-Chinese cross-cultural theme throughout all activities, from the catering through to the interior décor, even decorating the gallery hall with the Chinese national flower, peonies. To reinforce the theme, we developed a panel discussion, ‘East Meets West – Water, Art and Culture’ and invited four experts in the fields of photography, Chinese contemporary art, photography curation and cross-cultural understanding to stimulate a lively discussion amongst the guests.

    To deliver further added value to our sponsors, we also established various meetings for them with reputable galleries and influential personnel in both the business and art world.


    The event was a resounding success. Over 300 people attended the opening ceremony including high profile players from the world of photography and art, senior business executives and members of the Anglo-Chinese community in the UK. Our guests thoroughly enjoyed the event, whilst complimenting ACTIVE on our impeccable attention to detail.

    Our marketing campaign also yielded superb results. We attained 113 total pieces of coverage, including international TV coverage (our Managing Director, Yintong Betser delivered an interview with BBC World Service); three items of national coverage and 26 features in arts magazines. The advertising equivalent value amounted to £83,240 in the print publications alone. We also gave our client invaluable exposure to photography contacts in London. Our client was absolutely delighted, and the event brought together East and West in an enjoyable and unique manner which will be remembered for many years to come.

    “You and your colleagues’ creativity in designing and marketing Anglo Chinese cross cultural events to foster greater links and build relationships between the two countries has been thoroughly expressed in the exhibition’s organisation. Your effective efforts in bringing influencers and people from the arts and potential collectors from the business world together and to articulate the vision of the artist and his work to a wider group of interested individuals are for all to see.”
    Beijing Fuhai Culture Development & Co., Ltd.

  • Case Study: A concert for a Chinese up and coming artist LinLin, a Musical Fusion of East & West

    Linlin - a Musical Fusion of East and West - poster

    Linlin - a Musical Fusion of East and West - programme 1
    Linlin - a Musical Fusion of East and West - invite
    Linlin - a Musical Fusion of East and West - programme 2
  • Case Study: “Chinese New Year in Style” celebration series

    ACTIVE hosts this annual cultural event for Chinese culture lovers in the Anglo Chinese community to share and enjoy. It can be customised to serve Clients’ specific requests.

    Chinese New Year Celebration in Style 2019Read PDF

    Active UK China Chinese New Year in Style Party 2018Read PDF

  • Case Study: Event Management

    Shanghai – London, an Urban Tale of Fashion and Creativity

    A forum celebrating the fashion and creative sectors for Shanghai Fashion Week’s Organising Committee: ‘Shanghai – London, an Urban Tale of Fashion and Creativity’


    This was a forum highlighting fashion and creativity, a vital part of a campaign entitled ‘Shanghai Style Now’, held at the Hospital Club, Covent Garden in September 2015.

    Client brief

    To organise a high profile forum for Shanghai Fashion Week’s Organising Committee, introducing and promoting Shanghai as a hub of fashion and creativity to a Western audience in London during London Fashion Week; further establishing a platform for dialogue and business between the two countries.

    Our approach

    ACTIVE Anglo Chinese Communications managed this high profile event from planning through to staging, also using PR to generate media coverage.
    Having gained a good understanding of the client’s overall objectives, we discussed various possibilities until we agreed the final theme, format and speaker profiles. Together with the client we identified and secured a panel of prominent speakers in the creative, fashion and retail industry across the UK and China: founders of Erdos Group, Farfatch Boutiques, Xintiandi and Zaha Hadid Architects. The lively two-hour presentation ran extremely smoothly and was warmly received by the audience.


    Over 80 people attended the forum, including more than 20 journalists from the fashion and business media. Extensive media coverage was attained as a result. The event also fulfilled a broader objective, helping more people in the fashion and creative industries gain a greater understanding of Shanghai and more in-depth knowledge of its fashion, retail and creative industries.
    Client comment: “ACTIVE Anglo Chinese Communications holds an enviable position in the marketplace as its consultants are native Chinese and British so they understand the nuances of both cultures. As a result, the consultancy’s guidance on the creative theme of the talk and making connections on an international stage was extremely valuable. Its hard work in identifying and inviting the right audience, securing attendance by and generating international media coverage, and its tenacity and determination right up to the last detail was very impressive.”

  • Case study: Business seminars

    As doing business with China is a growth opportunity for many British businesses, the London Chamber of Commerce enlisted the team at ACTIVE Anglo Chinese Communications to deliver a series of enterprise seminars.

    Client brief

    To organise a series of seminars for members of the London Chamber of Commerce to help them improve their knowledge to enable them to do business effectively with China.

    Our approach

    Working in close partnership with London Chamber of Commerce’s international department, we used our in-depth knowledge of Anglo-Chinese business to devise and manage a series of three seminars throughout the year. We selected topics that were particularly pertinent to those organisations who wished to do business with China, and sourced a panel of an industry experts for each one. The topics we selected were ‘Communication’, ‘Intellectual property rights’, and the most popular topic, ‘How to ensure you get paid’.

    To ensure that the workshops delivered sound, practical advice, we also selected a suitably qualified practitioner for each seminar to provide in-depth information and case studies based on their first-hand experience.


    The seminars were extremely well attended, attracting between 20 and 30 paying guests to each event. Not only did this generate income for London’s Chamber of Commerce, but it also helped them to establish links with a new audience, and boost the prospects of fruitful Anglo-Chinese relationships for UK businesses.